Choosing The Right Conference Room


Why are you searching for conference rooms to hire? A major meeting of medical minds, a celebration of another year’s sales or a special conference for the directors – combined with a time-out in the heart of the capital? Whatever the reason for seeking conference room to hire, you will want to get the most out of your event. Here’s some guidance to help you achieve this.

Why London?

London is the natural place to meet for the world’s business networks. That’s why it is consistently rated as the top European city to do business in. It has all the finest accommodation, facilities, and infrastructure for the smart businessman.

London conference facilities range from those within Greater London to those in the heart of the city. For many organizers, the ideal locations are those that have excellent road and rail access and also being close enough to the center of London for after-hours relaxation.

Areas such as White City or Hammersmith are perfect – outside the congestion zone, on the right side of London for Heathrow Airport and close to the M4, M40 and M25 motorways.

Choose rooms to give the unique ambiance your event needs

Just as different parts of London have a distinct atmosphere and sense of space, so your choice of a room can determine the mood and ambiance of your conference. For instance, a small gathering will probably be uncomfortable in a large suite designed for hundreds of people; the opposite applies if you try to fit large teams into small conference rooms.

The best London conference(konferanselokaler) venues offer a generous selection of rooms and suites – maybe as many as 10 or 11 rooms ranging from large conference rooms(q42) to small breakout areas and training suites. Being able to hire a combination of conference meeting rooms ensures suitable room configurations and maximum delegate productivity throughout your event.

Specialist conference rooms in London

For specialist purposes, look for venues offering e-training suites or other dedicated facilities. Rooms such as these are equally suited to City financial institutions needing to train new IT staff off-site or companies from outside London who need a temporary training presence in the capital.

The facilities that complement your choice of conference center(konsertlokaler) in London

When choosing your London venue, always consider the other features that complement the rooms themselves:

On-site amenities such as shopping and banking
Convenient access to London’s airports
Excellent on-site catering completes the perfect conference center
Proximity to London’s main road network – without being inside the congestion zone.
Convenient car parking (always easier outside central London)
Ease of access to central London
Preferential London hotel rates with conference room(møterom) hire
Experienced conference staff